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lundi 26 janvier 2009

World News...World News....

My friend's gone. Back home after a great last month together despite the worse New Year's Eve ever. Cold and lonely in Valparaiso, host of a huge firework.

Fortunately in Santiago, we meet Julia and Carolina, 2 lovely brazilian girls that save 2009.
After a 24 hours bus trip (personnal record!), we are in the Atacama desert (very dry place), trying to understand with Barbara and Angelica why Latinos pronounce "aqua" and not "aqui" as I learned at school.


And then comes the marvelous Bolivia. 3 days in a jeep driving in a land of endless beauty. I finally get to see the most incredible place in the world called "Salar de Uyuni". Pffff....


La Paz (highest capital city in the world), Titicaca Lake (very high lake)

and now Cuzco, beautiful colonial city in Peru and base-camp for the Machu Picchu.


Hard, very hard trip to get there (too long to explain) but wow! A lost city in the clouds. No, not like in "The Empire strikes back" but still magnificent.
I say goodbye to Julien after one last crazy night in Lima and I'm heading to Ecuador. After many hours and a few stops, I'm facing this computer in Quito. Outside, it's raining. Bloody hell!

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Anonyme a dit…

Si "aca" o "aqui" es lo mismo, no hay problema, son dos formas distintas de decir lo mismo.

Que bien, mencionadas en el blog! how flattering! :D


Bárbara xxx

britangelica a dit…

and we were trying to understand why "toilets" is ended with an "s".

I love the Amphitheater at the Moon's Valley picture. That was one of my fav places at San Pedro.

I hope you enjoy Ecuador!

See you someday
bye :)

Anonyme a dit…

salut les mecs...
well it´s been taking me a long time to drop this comment, but better late then never!
anyway nice blog! and i´m totally stunned on how far you have gotten in such a shot time... i just arrived in lima and haven´t seen half of what you did in the same time... my family has already left back home to germany and now i´m waiting for a friend to arrive on sunday with whom i´m going up to ecuador as well, can´t wait! how do you like it up there?
well as i said, i also have a blog, checkeanlo si quieren: http://locomotio.dead-end.org
lina (corrí con ustedes en el salar)

Terence a dit…

Come on Ireland !