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dimanche 26 avril 2009

World News...World News...

I would not define happiness as a permanent state of mind. Nobody can feel good all the time. I would rather speak of a sum of little happy moments, of those times when you stop doing whatever you're doing to realize how lucky you are. And they've been numerous in the last 8 months as far as I'm concerned. More numerous than ever before actually.

The last month is just an example. I've brought back old memories playing PS3 with my 2001 roomates Arsalaan and Evan in Toronto (girls can't understand), seen the Knicks getting their ass kicked at the Madison Square Garden (not sure they can get that either), had a great time all by myself in the snow of Quebec, played indoor golf with Ulrich and Mathieu, run the Rocky steps in Philly, felt like in a movie walking the streets of New York (officially the best place to be), crossed the Brooklyn bridge and jogged in Central Park. I'm not even mentioning a VIP visit of Oxford or a bicycling tour in Amsterdam with Alex, Em and Julien.
Meeting people, seing places. This might appear as ordinary but let me assure you: I've enjoyed every single second of it.

It's just not fair. I don't deserve all that has happened to me since August. Or maybe, I do.
Anyways, everything has an end.
And it's now.

2 commentaires:

Babs a dit…

I agree with your definition of happiness, but I dont agree with the "girls can't understand" line, I do!
The Knicks (not the Mets..I know! haha) losing at MSG is just NOT right!
And regarding you deserving it all or not, of course you do!

GAB a dit…

T'es beau sur le rainbow.
J'aime beaucoup la photo du burger king aussi.