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lundi 16 mars 2009

World News...World News...

The crowd is singing, Boca Juniors is losing and I am sweating. I don`t care. Here I am taking one more thing off of my bucket list. La Bombonera in the heart of Buenos Aires. One of the most famous stadium in the world. That feels so good.

It`s just one the so many experiences I`ve been living in South America in the last few weeks. I`ve also been mugged with Claire in Quito, I have visited the amazing Cartagena in Colombia, seen again Charlotte, a french friend living in Bogota, spent some time in Uruguay, met my old friend Gabrielle in Buenos Aires, discovered the incredible glacier Perito Moreno in Patagonia, done some horse-riding in Ushuaia, written an article about the Grenal, a crazy brazilian football game in Porto Alegre...I ended my trip in this part of the world in the gorgeous Iguacu Falls with Carolina that I met in Chile.

And after so much time in the south hemisphere, I`m back in the north and the cold: Canada, oh Canada!

Ushuaia, Argentina

Iguacu, Brasil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cartagena, Colombia

Colonia, Uruguay

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Babs a dit…

It does sound pretty hectic! Pero has tenido un muy buen tiempo no?

Sigue divirtiendote y disfruta mucho!

Me x